Resort dock destroyed on Indian Point during Wednesday storm

A dock at Tribesman Resort on Indian Point was heavily damaged during a storm Wednesday evening.

"This dock used to set about 50 feet over. It's a 20-slip, 20-foot wide, covered dock. The wind caught it last night and it turned it upside down. So, what we are looking at is the bottom of the dock with the roof setting on the bottom of the lake," Operations Manager James Smith said.

Co-Owner of Tribesman Arno Wehr III says the boats that were docked at the time of the storm were mostly undamaged.

"Most of the boats were unscratched even. They'd broken loose, but were still sitting in the wreckage. So, we were pleasantly amazed that the boats weren't damaged. It was mostly guests' boats and there are a couple of them that did sustain some damage and we are dealing with all of that. But, for the most part, it was an almost full dock and the boats were unscratched," Co-Owner Arno Wehr III said.

"The ropes broke, I guess, as the dock lifted," Smith said.

Wehr says no one was on the dock at the time of the storm.

"We all said little prayers of thanks that nobody was on the dock when it happened. Nobody was injured in anyway. It was just such a blessing, if you will," Wehr said.

Thursday morning, resort employees were working to remove guests' items that were on boats, like tubes and life jackets, from the water.

Wehr and Smith agree that they've never experienced a storm like this.

"We've had winds but this is the only time we've ever had one flip over," Smith said.