Revitalization taking place in north Springfield; BigShots Golf coming to town

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- Many in town were shocked to learn Bob Evans and the Sara Lee Bakery Outlet closed their doors. Despite those closures, revitalization in north Springfield is still taking place.

"When I first started at this practice Kearney was a two-lane road," Dr. Scott Boschen, North Side Animal Clinic, said. "It just went to the airport and there was a dead end and that was all. We've seen the expansion. A lot of the expansion is west of here. (There are) a lot of businesses that have gone and come but a lot of revitalization as well."

Boschen says the north side continues to move forward.

O'Reilly Hospitality confirmed to KY3/ KSPR that they are bringing a BigShots Golf to town. It will be located on Glenstone and Kearney at the old Kmart. Construction is expected to begin this year.

Across the street, there are also plots of land for sale. Some are marked for retail.

"I think everyone is excited about all of these new projects," Boschen said.

Even with the promise of new businesses, there are many shops in north Springfield that have stood the test of time. Boschen's clinic is one of those staples.

"Well, this office actually started in the '60s and there are some big anchors here," Boschen said. "Obviously Race Brothers has been here for a long time."

The city of Springfield is also working to revitalize Kearney St. They are focusing primarily on a three-mile stretch from Glenstone to Kansas Expressway.