River Jam celebrates Ozarks waterways around the area

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. River Jam highlights Saturday night at Finley River Park in Ozark.

There's quite a crowd out here to celebrate Ozarks waterways. It's an event put on by James River Basin Partnership, Bass Pro Shops, the City of Ozark and KY3.

People are enjoying all things that have to do with a river. There are crawfish to eat, and they have 1,600 pounds of them to cook up. Bass Pro has kayaks and a pontoon boat you can take a free ride in.

There are inflatables and a kayak pool for the kids. Of course there's plenty of good food and beer, and local bands playing all day long. You can also check out tiny creek creatures and learn about our waterways.

River Jam is all about enjoying recreational activities on the water, and while appreciating all the fun, learning how to preserve and care for them. Two brothers, Dylan and Blake Bodendieck are showing their dedication to Ozarks waters by braving the heat to volunteer as River Jam mascots- a crawdad, and it wasn't too clear what Dylan's costume was.

Dylan Bodendieck said, " I've been getting that question a lot. It hurts my feelings a little bit. I thought the whiskers would give it away, but I'm a catfish. I've been called a shark, amongst other things, but I am a catfish."

"When you look at the streams, the rivers, the water, the lakes we have in the Ozarks, we're really blessed with that. So River Jam is focused on, one, water quality, also focused on outdoor recreation and enjoying the water," said Martin MacDonald, Bass Pro Shops.

River Jam goes until 10:00 p.m. Friday. Kids 6 and Under are free. Kids 7 to 15 are $3 and 16 and up are 5 bucks.