Road crews ready to battle wintry conditions around Ozarks Wednesday night

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- MoDOT, Greene County, and Springfield city crews are all on alert Wednesday night as winter weather approaches.

Representatives from all three organizations said on the phone Wednesday that they were ready to respond to reports of bad road conditions, but that pre-treating roads wasn’t the best strategy because a rain front could wash the salt and gravel off the road.

“Ice is pretty difficult just for the fact that you can't see it as well,” MoDOT maintenance supervisor Keith Chandler said. “Sometimes, especially when the weather starts raining and the temperature drops it turns to ice automatically. We try to get out there and pre-treat the roads when the temperatures are starting to drop, that way we get ahead of it.”

MoDOT has 300 trucks across its 21 counties in our area, and said that nearly 290 of them were geared up to go Wednesday.

Springfield's public works department has a dozen drivers on standby.

As of 10 p.m., MoDOT says most roads are dry, but still caution drivers.

“If people are out, just pay attention to the weather,” he said. “If there's any precipitation falling from the sky you need to slow down and be careful and take your time. We recommend staying off your cell phones because a lot of that is distracted driving and people not paying attention.”