Roadway reflectors to blame for several flat tires near Lake of the Ozarks

Published: Jun. 10, 2019 at 5:43 PM CDT
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"As I was pulling up to this stop light right here, at the four way stop, I could hear it making a flapping sound," said Mike Sandknop.

It was a sound Sandknop knew meant he had a flat tire.

"I kind of drove slow, I could feel it leaning on the side," Sandknop recalled. "As soon as I pulled in at my parent's house, it was completely flat."

Flat because of a reflector from the roadway that was nailed down. That nail, now in Sandknop's tire.

"I pulled this little nail out of it with the little plastic sides on ends," Sandknop said.

Typically, the reflectors aren't nailed to the road. They usually use an adhesive and stick to the roadway to mark lane lines.

But, the reflectors wouldn't stick. It rained the night crews put them on the road. They tried again the next night, but they still didn't stay.

"So, the contractor decided we needed to nail them down to keep the tabs, to keep the reflectors there," said Nick Edelman, Osage Beach Public Works Director.

That worked.

But, the city has had five different people call them to report the nails had given them a flat tire. Larry's Lakeside Repair also reported on Facebook they had a customer come in with one of the reflectors in their tire.

The contractor has lifted a majority of those that had been nailed down. There are still a few remaining because the striping on the road is not finished, but once the striping is finished, those will be removed also.

The city says if one of the reflectors has punctured your tire to give them a call.

They will pass your information along to the contractor.

"That way, if the citizen doesn't get response, is unhappy with the response, they can still contact us back and let us know, 'yes, they contacted us back' or 'no, we still have an issue,'" said Edelman.

Local repair shops say it's tough, but try to not change lanes if they're on the roadway if possible to lessen your chances of running over a reflector.