Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District chief questions dog safety ordinances after family cat mauled to death

Published: Feb. 14, 2019 at 10:17 PM CST
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Logan-Rogersville Fire District Chief Richard Stirts is dealing first-hand with an issue that many people around the city say is a growing problem of a lack of laws and enforcement when it comes to dangerous dogs.

"The neighbor called me and said hey your cat is getting attacked by these two dogs in the yard, " said Chief Stirts.

His family has four outdoor cats, and got the troubling call from his neighbor on Wednesday.

"By the time I got home, it was lying dead in the roadway," said Chief Stirts.

And, while his home security cameras did not catch the attack, they did catch part the problem. Dogs belonging to neighbors, getting out of their backyards, running free around the neighborhood.

"I understand that dogs are going to get out, and outside cats are going to get injured," said Chief Stirts. "But, reoccurring dogs on the street, especially if they're killing animals can be dangerous to adults or children, so I think the City has a problem they need to address."

Chief Stirts says while the city does have a dog catcher, it's what happens from there, that he says is troubling.

"Currently the city doesn't have a holding facilities, so we don't know what happens," said Chief Stirts. "Do they turn the dog loose? Do they give them tickets?"

The city of Rogersville currently has a vicious dog ordinance and will be addressing the issue at next week's city council meeting.