Roofers stay busy again in the Willard area

NEAR WILLARD, Mo. -- People in one Willard neighborhood hit hard by strong winds Monday evening are dealing with roof damage for a second time this year.

Homeowners along Farm Road 88 know the drill; they have experience in calling for roof help. Companies like Barney's Roofing and Siding are back in familiar territory.

David Myers of Barney's Roofing is back to assess the damage done, just a week after they put on a brand new roof on Farm Road 88.
"We used a shingle that is a higher resistance to wind. Because of the solar panels, we thought that would be a good call," says Myers.

It paid off for Jim Ray; Myers says the roof had only minor issues. A hail storm in May forced many in the neighborhood to get new roofs.
"I know at least half of them; the roofs have been replaced because of hail damage," says Myers.

Many are hard-hit again, with shingles torn off and thrown into the wind.
"Different manufacturers have different ratings on their shingles, but most of them are around 60 to 65 mile an hour. So if you have a 75 or 80 mile-an-hour wind, you're in that danger zone to get damaged," says Myers.

"All of a sudden, it was kind of like a bomb dropped, and the wind picked up, and I really thought my windows were going to come in," says Bobbie Lilly.

The National Weather Serviced estimates it was a 75 to 80 mile an hour wind. It made a mess of Lilly's screened in porch and left it's mark on the roof too. "At least we know what to do now, right?" says Lilly.

She says they had the roof inspected after the Spring hail storm. "It was really big hail," Lilly says. But the roof was somehow spared.

This time, some repairs are a must. But it's not the first time. Lilly says an EF-0 tornado about 5 years ago took off all the shingles on the back of their house. "Had a lot of damage in our living room where the rain came in after that," says Lilly.

But the repeat repairs and bouts of bad weather won't chase this Willard resident away. "We're good. We're staying; we built our home, and we love everything about it," Lilly says.

As Myers cautions, make sure if you need roof repairs that you do your homework and hire a local, reputable company.