Route 66 listed on endangered list, locals look to preserve the road

Published: Jun. 26, 2018 at 5:47 PM CDT
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Recently, Route 66 along with ten other historic sites were placed on the

Springfield resident, Judy Walker loves to take road trips along Route 66. She takes pictures along the way. She says she sees it as a way to help preserve history.

"It is something important," Walker said. "It is a part of history, and it really is a part of history."

For decades, many have traveled along the 'mother road.' Route 66 stretches from Chicago, Il. to Santa Monica, Ca. with a stop in Springfield. Walker says she loves introducing others to all the route has to offer.

"I think it is our job to be ambassadors of the route," Walker said. "To show them that it is a good place and we don't want to let them down."

The Rail Haven Motel sits on the route in Springfield. Adam Mosely, the Assistant General Manager, says thousands come through each year to learn about the 'mother road.'

"We have guests that come from all over the world," Mosely said. "We have guests that come from the United Kingdom. We have guests that come from Noway, Sweden."

In the last few years, Mosely says there has been an increase in the number of guests road tripping through with the specific goal of traveling Route 66.

Mosely says he does not worry about the study's finding. He says the route is being preserved in the region.

"But I think, here in Missouri there has been a concentrated focus," Mosely said. "Especially here in Missouri, on trying to actually revitalize the route."

Walker says she can notice parts of the route also changing.

There is a Route 66 association in Missouri that focuses on preservation.

The annual Route 66 Festival will be held in August.