Row with a Ranger at Ha Ha Tonka State Park.

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CAMDENTON, Mo. It's been a busy week for lakes all across the Ozarks not only for families out enjoying the water, but here at Ha Ha Tonka where they're getting ready for Row with a Ranger.

Tyler Roby, Missouri State Park Ranger said, "When you think of the lake, you think of the water. And this is something that we don't see in other parks. We have a couple of bike rides where it's called "Ride with a Ranger" in other state parks, where they ride their bike around. Here in the Ozarks, it's a little hilly to do it, so I think it's a little easier to get out on the water and kayak."

So, they're starting up the Row with a Ranger program.
This will be a free kayaking tour at Ha Ha Tonka State Park lead by Missouri State Park Rangers.

"We were just recently able to get certified to operate with people in kayaks in an interpretive fashion, so I think we're trying to implement that and I'm sure once this takes of we'll have another state parks and be able to do it on more of a monthly basis. This is kind of our trial run," Roby said.

No matter what you will be doing on the lake this weekend, rangers are encouraging everyone on the water remember a few safety tips.

"With your kayak I think it's always important to wear your life jacket, though not required, it does have to be on the kayak. I'm a big believer in wearing your life jacket at all times, and really the biggest thing with life jackets is making sure they are secured properly. And then just being aware of the boat traffic around you and always letting someone know where you are out on the water so that you are on the water so that you can return in a timely fashion."

Row with a Ranger is already sold out for this weekend, but you can continue to check with Missouri state parks for upcoming events and more information. Their website is The link to events hosted put on my Missouri's Department of Natural resources is

Bennett Spring State Park in Lebanon is holding a Ranger Ride tomorrow at 1. To participate you just show up with a bike and helmet. ​