SPS launches new summer grab and go meal program

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Thursday when students pick-up their free Grab and Go meals through Springfield Public Schools, they’ll also get four extra meals to get them through the holiday weekend.

Thursday is the last day of this school year for the meal pick-up but next Wednesday their new summer program begins, and it looks a little different.

Just like during the end of the school year, students or parents will be able to drive through and pick-up meals on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

When they pick-up their meals they will also get meals for non-pickup days (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday, and Sunday).

One change from the school year is that heat and eat options will also be available. Over the school year they were only able to provide cold meals, but now some will come with heating instructions.

Those meals could include chicken sandwiches and nuggets.

This is the first year SPS has been able to do drive-thru meal pick-up.

“Our programs are usually a congruent program which means they have to be eaten on site,” said Kim Keller, director of food services with SPS. “With the USDA wavers now because of COVID 19 they’re allowing us to send meals home. That’s not usually something we’re allowed to do but with the wavers they’ve allowed us to do that so there’s less interaction between people.”

Below are the list of pick-up sites for the summer from 10am-12pm:
Bingham - 2126 E. Cherry
Bowerman - 2148 N. Douglas
Central - 423 E. Central
Fremont- 2814 N. Fremont
Glendale - 2727 S. Ingram Mill Rd
Gray - 2101 W. FR 182
Jeffries - 4051 S. Scenic
McGregor - 1221 W. Madison
Parkview - 516 W. Meadowmere
Reed - 2000 N. Lyon
Sherwood - 2524 S. Golden
Truman - 3850 N. FR 159
Twain - 2352 S. Weaver
Weller - 1630 N. Weller
Westport- 415 S. Golden

These meals are for all children, regardless of where or if they are in school under the age of 18.