DIY solar eclipse pinhole viewer

The great American Solar Eclipse is August 21st and many people are preparing to watch. Here in the Ozarks, we will see a partial solar eclipse with about 96% of the sun eclipsed by the moon. It will not be safe to view the eclipse with the naked eye and could cause permanent damage if you attempt to do so. Many people are buying solar eclipse glasses to protect their eyes. If you don't have glasses, here is a safe way to still view the eclipse safely with materials you likely already have at home. This is a fun project for kids and takes under 10 minutes!

Here is how:

Materials needed: Cereal box, aluminum foil, scissors, white paper, pen, nail and tape

Step 1. Cut the flaps on the top of the box so you create two squares on either end.

Step 2. Trace the bottom of the box on the white paper and cut out the outline.

Step 3. Place the white paper on the bottom of the box and make sure it is secure.

Step 4. Tape together the tabs in the middle.

Step 5. Secure aluminum foil over one of the holes and secure with tape.

Step 6. Poke a pinhole in the foil with your nail

You are finished! You can decorate the outside of the box to personalize your viewer. Be sure to post your picture and send them to us!

While using the viewer, look through the open side of the box while allowing the sun to hit the pinhole directly. You'll see a white circle on the paper at the end of your box and can watch as the moon eats away at its shape as the eclipse is happening! No glasses required. This is a safe and easy way to view the solar eclipse!