Scam of the Week: Bogus Publishers Clearing House call has new bank twist

It's a new twist on one of the the oldest scams in the book.

It's the old Publisher's Clearing House scam. Swindlers call and say you've won. You know that scam, but now they pose as your bank with an account number and a pin to try to reel you in.

Charolette and Richard Phillips are loyal Contact KY3 viewers. They did not think they really won ninety-nine thousand dollars and a new car from Publishers Clearing House until ...

"He gave me the number for Bank of America. He gave me the account number and a pin number to call," said Charolette.

For this scam, crooks pose as PCH and bank representatives.

Then ... Charolette started getting photos. She was told she won this 2016 Mercedes. Charolette followed instructions and went to Walmart.
She was told she needed to wire money first before she could collect her winnings. Taxes were due. She almost sent the crooks more than three hundred dollars. Walmart clerks told her it's a scam.

Richard called the real Bank of America. He was told he was given a bogus account.

Remember, you should never have to pay to win. If you really won a PCH contest -- just like you see on TV -- they'll come to your door and surprise you.