Scam of the Week: Bogus free home inspection

They know your name and address. So they got your attention, but it's the latest phone scam in the Ozarks.

"They wouldn't take no for an answer," Travis Payne said.

Travis Payne has had it.

"They have called me everyday for the last two weeks," said Payne.

The swindler on the line says Payne must get a free home a inspection because he lives in the damaged zone.

"They continued to demand that they would come and inspect my home ... it would be free, but it was required by the city I lived in. And they knew there was damage to my home, which is ridiculous," he said.

That's just not how it works. It's recommended to get an inspection when buying a home, refinancing, or if you undergo a major addition.
Payne didn't fall for the scam. He knows there's no such thing as a free lunch.

"Inspections aren't free. Especially when you're buying a home. You're going to have to pay," he said.

Payne paid for an inspection when he bought the home. Home or property assessments, unlike home inspections, usually do not require you to pay out of pocket. Perhaps that's where crooks hope you'll get confused.

Remember, it's easy for swindlers to find you ... especially if you own property. Another red flag for this scam, when you call back the number, it's disconnected.

Viewers tell Contact KY3 ... they're getting similar calls offering a free roof inspection. Remember, reputable companies don't make cold calls.

Here's what can happen if you fall for this:
Crooks could get your private information or take inventory of your property which could result in theft.