Scam of the Week: How crooks steal from small businesses

A Springfield handyman thought he was hired to build a fence.

Steve Hunsaker with Hometown Handyman Service was asked to build a fence around a recently bought home.

"Initially, I felt like someone was planning ahead and it a good legit deal," he said.

That someone, calls himself Daniel Cole.

"I did not ask for a down payment. He said he was going to send the down payment," he said.

Cole sent a down payment and then some. Hunsaker got a $5,400 check with instructions. He was supposed to give the painter, $3,000.

"He would have directed me to an account to put it in. So that money would have went back to him. That check would have bounced and it would be three days later ... after I already gave him the money," said Hunsaker.

Hunsaker says the original call came in with a 4-1-7 area code. When blocked, the crook called back using a L.A. number. This is a good reminder cons love to use what's called Caller ID Spoofing. They can make any number appear on your display.