School leaders in Republic add extra security to assure safety after threat investigation

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REPUBLIC, Mo. -- School leaders in Republic took extensive measures to assure safety after a school threat Sunday night. Police determined that threat was not credible by early Monday morning.

Republic High School officials started getting information about the potential threat Sunday night around 7:30. The school contacted police.

Police say the threat was directed at Republic high school for Monday morning. Police found the origin of the alleged threat, which investigators say was not credible and was in fact, fabricated. Police Chief Mike Lawton stated on the Republic Police Department Facebook page, the investigation "determined the information was a hoax, fabricated by some students to get another student in trouble." He says "there was never a specific threat by any student or anyone else against the School, students or staff. Several students conspired to fabricate a story that a particular student made a threat."

The story spread verbally and then quickly on social media.

"It started out as something someone said that was a fabrication, and that was further amplified by social media, with people putting out on social media what they thought they had heard from someone," said Principal Tyler Overstreet. "And then it just kind of took off from there."

Republic parent Foin Morrison says, "It was pretty crazy, because it spread like wildfire. It went quick. It wasn't something that just took time. It took a few hours to impact a small community like this."

Principal Overstreet says they will be taking the actions outlined in their school discipline handbook against the students involved.

Republic Police say they are confident the information about a threat at the high school is false. But officers had an elevated presence to help out reassure parents students and staff.

School leaders say attendance Monday was lower than usual.