Schools have some restrictions to Valentine's gift giving

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 4:19 PM CST
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You might have the best intentions sending a treat or flowers to your loved ones at work on Friday. But some schools have restrictions on Valentine's Day deliveries.

At Rountree Elementary, it's easy to see Valentine's Day is almost here. Students are looking forward to the festivities.

"We get to make Valentines boxes," says 5th grader Jude Johnson, "and that's really fun because we can come up with really cool ideas."

2nd grader Claire Lebeck says, "Mine is just a red box with my name on it, and then it has a big balloon on the top."

Teachers are incorporating the theme into their lessons.

"We do some valentines stories, we do some graphing, candy heart graphing," says 2nd grade teacher Jennifer Montgomery, "just fun games but incorporate kind of the theme of love and sharing and compassion."

When I asked kids their favorite part of the holiday, surprisingly, they didn't say the gifts or candy. "Making a box and sharing compassion for others," says 2nd grader Julian Barber.

But some may send students gifts or flowers. Rountree's office will accept them, but not all.

"Our student handbook does discourage deliveries to our school offices just because that creates a logistical issue that has to be managed by our staff," says Stephen Hall, SPS chief communications officer. "Some schools will actually prohibit deliveries to the office."

It's best to check with your child's school office to see if they allow Valentines deliveries. If they do, they'll likely have to stay in the office until the end of the day, and there are some certain items that bus riders are never allowed to take on board.

"On our school buses, we do not permit balloons or glass vases, just for safety reasons. The balloons can make it difficult for the bus driver to see, and the glass vases have the possibility of breaking, and that can be dangerous," says Hall.

Several school districts in the Springfield area have similar restrictions. But at Rountree, it won't dampen the Valentine's Day mood.

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