Sequiota Bike Shop closing weekend

Published: Mar. 3, 2018 at 9:44 PM CST
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The Sequiota Bike Shop letting customers take advantage of the nice weather one more time before closing.

Kendra Beye, a mother and regular customer at Sequiota Bike Shop said, "It is one of the few places that we can go where it's outdoors and kids can come, dogs can come, it's a great atmosphere."

On March 1, the business announced on Facebook that they would be closing after the weekend which left customers feeling shocked and sad at the news.

"It was reminiscent of all the posts on Facebook, which is horrified: as in Why? What's the deal?" Beye said.

According to that Facebook post, Sequiota Bike Shop that says their sudden closing is due to reasons beyond their control. However, many regulars are hoping that they'll see the door open again even if it is at a new location.

Clive Medlin, another customer, said, "I know in the past there's been a few places that's closed down and then kind of popped back up. It's a good enough place that I think they can probably do really well, especially if the development in the area that's happening. I'm going to cross my fingers that they will probably have a new location that they can rent in the future."

"Please come back! It's wonderful! Don't leave forever!" Beye added.

Right now there is no comment on if Sequiota Bike Shop will relocate.

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