Shootout "Street Party" gets new twist at Lake of the Ozarks

LAKE OZARK, Mo. -- "When we do all our events, our number one question is how can we help more people and make more money for the charities," said Christy Janssen, Executive Director of the Shootout.

"This last year, there was an article written about the Lake of the Ozarks' Shootout, and how we compared to other events around the United States," Janssen said. "We got number one ratings in everything but our street party."

Janssen teamed up with the mayor and police chief in Lake Ozark and pitched the idea of allowing open containers during the event.

"We're expecting 20,000 people, which, if we get to that point, would make it the larges party ever thrown at the Lake of the Ozarks," Mayor Gerry Murawski said.

But the lift on on the open container ban does come with restrictions.

First, glass bottles are prohibited. Bars will only serve cans or drinks in plastic cups.

Second, drinks on the strip can only be carried between Beaver's at the Dam and Luby's Plaza.

Also, everyone will be carded before entering the event. Those over 21-years-old will be given a wristband, which allows officers to know who is and isn't of legal drinking age if carrying a drink on the strip.

"When they come out the same security checkpoint, they'll make sure they don't bring drinks out with them," Murawski said.

Lake Ozark Gerry Murawski says if things go well for Wednesday's event, it could clear the way for more open container events on the strip in the future.

"If we did it for this, and there's no problem? Gee, would we consider doing it for the car show," Murawski pondered.

The Shootout on the Strip starts Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 10:00 p.m.