Shop Smart: Black Friday deals & store credit cards

It's all about making a list and checking it twice. Stick to it. It's estimated you'll spend about three hundreds dollars on Black Friday. Here's how to make your dollar stretch.

There are deals to be had all shopping season long. Don't bank on the Black Friday bargain.

"A good consumer should probably pay more attention to what he or she spending rather than what he or she is saving during that big sale," said Dr. James Philpot, Director of the Financial Planning Program at Missouri State University.

Historically, the best Black Friday deals are on electronics, appliances and home goods. Experts say hold off on fitness equipment, clothes and some toys. These items will have slashed prices closer to Christmas.

Buyer beware on store credit cards. Opening that new line of credit is tempting, but your credit score might take a hit. Ask yourself if you can really afford the savings.

"Some of them offer you ninety days no interest. Sixty days no interest ... most credit cards, like store credit cards, do have a fairly high rate of interest," said Joe Stokes with Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

That interest could be as much as thirty-percent or even higher. If you don't pay off that balance, you could end up spending a lot more than what you budgeted. If your overall credit debt exceeds 30-percent of your total limit -- your score will likely go down.

You can get some great savings through store credit cards. But you reap the benefits if you're a loyal customer who pays off the balance in a timely manner.