Showing support for a child with cancer

Published: Feb. 23, 2018 at 7:49 PM CST
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Ashlyn Gerla -Bois D'Arc 6th Grader

Aimee Gerla -Ashlyn mother

Blue bracelets are showing up on the wrists of students in Bois D'Ark.

And it all started with a 6th grader wanting to help out a girl on her bus.

Ashlyn Gerla, 6th grader at Bois D'Arc Elementary said, "They say team Kiersten" on them, and on the other side they say "Fight Hard." and it has blue on it because it's her favorite color."

Kiersten is one of two 4th graders battling cancer at Bois D'Ark Elementary. When Ashlyn found out, she wanted to do something.

"I just thought that they deserved money since what she's going through," Ashllyn said.

To get money, Ashlyn didn't waist any time recruiting her mom's help to order bracelets to sell as a fundraiser for her friend's cancer treatments.

Aimee Gerla, Ashlyn's mom, said, "Ashlyn designed them and then we got them in in a couple of days. She and her friends made posters, put them around the school, promoted them before they even got in. The principals were announcing it over the intercom before they came in. So, by the time the bracelets came, it took a day and a half and we sold 400. And we still had people who wanted them..."

That was enough to raise more than $700 for Kiersten and encouraged the whole community to join in with support.

"I think that it brought a lot of people together because now churches are coming in to give money to her," Ashlyn said.

"I think that's why Ashlyn was so excited to do this for her because

06:01:18- she had a face that she was helping. She knew the kid that she was helping. And it opens their eyes to how lucky they may be just by being healthy. And how they can do something to help also even though they're just in elementary," Aimee said.

A face that everyone is hoping to see back home and healthy soon.

"We're praying for her, I hope this gives the family some peace and hope that they know how much their community cares and loves for them," Aimee said.

"She needs to fight hard because we need a miracle for her," Ashlyn added.

A miracle being supported one bracelet a time.

The bracelets are sold out now, but if you would like to support the family, there will be a "Team Kiersten benefit auction on April 21, 2018 at 4 p.m. at Bois D'Arc Elementary.

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