Silver Dollar City announces new Mystic River Falls ride, replacing the Lost River

Published: Aug. 13, 2019 at 4:41 PM CDT
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Silver Dollar City announced on Tuesday that the former Lost River ride will become a new river raft ride, complete with a 4.5-story waterfall drop.

The Mystic River Falls ride will be the main attraction to the new Rivertown area of the park. The ride, along with a new BBQ restaurant called Rivertown Smokehouse, will be a $27 million expansion.

"[Mystic River Falls will be] an adventurous river raft ride that, then, takes riders up an eight-story lift, then down a 45-foot tall waterfall. It's the tallest drop of any water ride in the Western Hemisphere," Silver Dollar City President Brad Thomas said.

The ride replaces a 30-year-old favorite, the Lost River.

"I like it all. I liked the cave that you went through," Emily Perkins said.

"We were saddened to see the ride go, seeing pictures of all the tubes riding down the highway, part of your past going away," Eric Barb said.

However, the Barb Family says they're looking forward to the new, exciting ride.

"We are really excited that they're going to have a ride that would allow our whole family to be a part of something together and, again, giving us the opportunity to do something that would allow us to get wet and cool off during the hot days like this," Barb said.

Named after the river in the Historic Marvel Cave, park leaders say the Mystic River Falls is about preserving the past while creating new things for the future.

"Silver Dollar City has 60 years of heritage, also has a reason for families of today and also of tomorrow to continue to visit us," Thomas said.

Rivertown and Mystic River Falls will open in the summer of 2020.

In September, the park will host a new fall event called Craft Days and Pumpkin Nights. Then, for the Christmas Season, Silver Dollar City will have a brand new eight-story Christmas Tree. Those new additions, combined with Rivertown and Mystic River Falls, add up to a $30 million investment.

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