Silver Dollar City explains causes of maintenance delays on Time Traveler

Published: May. 29, 2018 at 5:53 PM CDT
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Silver Dollar City's new coaster Time Traveler has been experiencing maintenance delays.

While some guests say the delays make them a little concerned, park officials say they are to be expected.

Many people who have been on the roller coaster give it two thumbs up.

"It’s just so thrilling,” Eli Fox said.

"It's fast,” Jeff Johnson said.

However, others say just getting on the ride can take too much time. Online reviews of the park complain of maintenence delays. One guest says they waited two hours, just for it to close down for maintenance.

Park officials confirm that Time Traveler is closed almost daily for an average of about 35 minutes.

"We are up 85.3 percent of the time, so that means we are down less than 15 percent of the time,” Spokesperson Lisa Rau said.

Rau says the delays are to be expected with a ride this new and a ride this big. She says the technology on the ride is very secure. She says there are hundreds of sensors on the coaster.

"Sensors on the cars on the trains on the gates,” Rau explains.

She says even the smallest alert on a sensor can cause delays which have to be checked thoroughly.

"We don't just say ok the computer tells us this, technicians are sent in and they affirm that what the computer is telling us is that particular sensor. Then, they have to run it through tests again. So, nothing, nothing is left to chance,” Rau said.

Rau says outside factors can affect it as well, like changes in temperature.

"90 degree tempuratures make the cars go faster so again the peramiters have to be tweaked,” Rau said.

While the delays have caused some guests to be concerned about safety, the park says they're just added safety measures.

"We are going to make sure it is right and we are going to really make sure it is right, so we have no major concerns,” Rau said.

Ride operators say guests can help cut down on delays by using the test seat beside the entrance. They can pull the latch to make sure the size of the seat will work for them. They say riders who try to latch the safety bar multiple times can cause sensors to trigger, which prompts more delays.

If the ride is delayed for 30 minutes or more, the park will issue “front of the line” passes for guests towards the front of the line, to make up for time lost during the maintenance delays.