Live, Life, Well: Simple way to reset priorities, be happier

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. In this Live, Life, Well, we look at a way you can improve your life by ranking your priorities.

Jennifer Baker recommends grabbing a pad of sticky notes. Then, write down 15 to 25 things that are important to you. You can write down anything from having a comfortable home to a great vacation, getting a pet or having regular date nights with your spouse.

Then comes the hard part. Sort the notes into three piles. The top section will only have the five most important things from your list.

"You need to ask yourself, 'What am I doing to to make those things that are truly important to me happen?' Because, what I often see people do, is they say that a happy marriage or great relationship with their kids is important. But, they don't' leave any time in their schedule to do that," said Baker.

Baker says the biggest mistake she sees couples make is trying to do everything. This simple task with sticky notes can help you prioritize.