4 simple tools to start a home gym

Published: May. 20, 2019 at 9:40 AM CDT
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Some people just don't feel comfortable in a gym. They'd rather workout at home. But, they also don't want to break the bank to build a home setup. So, KY3's Paul Adler visits with David Poland of XFit Springfield to get a look at what you might buy to start a home gym.

Here are the 3 pieces of workout gear David Poland recommended on this Fit Life.

The top 4 picks are the kettle ball, a jump rope, the hip band (all of which you can purchase for $20 or less), and a TRX strap. The kettlebell is an inexpensive and versatile piece of workout equipment that you can use for full body movements. It’s easy to store and doesn’t take up a lot of room. Working out with a kettlebell develops strength and flexibility. You only need one and can use it for isolated or more complex movements. A jump rope offers a fun spin on exercise. It's a great cardio tool, easy to travel with and will give you a high intensity workout that burns calories fast. Jump roping helps to sculpt your shoulders, chest, arms, and legs. Hip bands, also called resistance bands, are a new and popular workout tool that are inexpensive and convenient. They are especially good for leg and hip development. The TRX straps are a little more expensive, around $100, but they are lightweight and portable. Hang it up, grab the stirrups and work your body against gravity to build muscle and burn fat. All 4 of these simple workout tools have multiple uses and are affordable and easy to store, so consider adding them to your home workout equipment.

If you have questions about specific equipment or want to discuss a workout, David will be live on his Facebook page tonight at 8 p-m. The link is on the right side of the desktop webpage.

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