Sister of woman accused of son's murder says case is far from closed

Published: Sep. 8, 2016 at 6:27 PM CDT
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The family of the Polk County woman accused of killing her disabled son is speaking out about the bizarre case. Kimberly Lightwine's sister tells us someone else may be responsible, and she believes her sister may have been a victim.

Vicki Ramsey says she reported Kimberly and 19 year old Austin Anderson, missing on Saturday, August 27th. She says Kimberly told her the night before she was afraid. "She was scared. That's why she had went and stayed at a motel instead of at my mom's where she had been staying with Austin," says Ramsey.

Kimberly Lightwine was found in a Morrisville cow pasture on Monday the 29th. Austin's body was nearby, investigators determining he died from exposure and not receiving vital medication.

Ramsey admits her sister had drug abuse issues, but says she loved Austin and would never intentionally harm him.

Court documents says Lightwine told deputies repeatedly she was responsible for Austin's death.

Ramsey says instead of being treated for severe dehydration and a broken leg that required two surgeries, her sister was taken directly to the sheriff's office to be interviewed.

She says Lightwine also showed possible signs of sexual abuse, but detectives won't say whether they're doing a rape investigation.

Ramsey also says her sister had pictures and words drawn on her body. "Even if she was a contortionist, she couldn't have twisted her legs around her head and drew these and wrote these things that were on there," Ramsey says.

Ramsey believes the case is far from closed and she hopes investigators will soon find more answers. "I had four people tell me at the visitation they're being told that the police are looking another direction or they're not looking for anybody else; they got who they need. They tell the family that they're looking," says Ramsey.

Ramsey says she's also gotten a tip about a possible sighting of her sister and Austin at a Bolivar store with some other people the day they were reported missing. Ramsey says the store owner told her she would not release surveillance video of the group at the store.

"My nephew is dead, and my sister has murder charges. You bet I'm going to look for anything that I can, any information, I'm going to give it to them," Ramsey says.

The Polk County sheriff has not returned any of a KY3's calls about the case over the last week and a half.