6 cars hit by gunfire overnight at Club Rodeo in Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Springfield police are looking for the shooter or shooters who fired shots around a crowd of people at Club Rodeo on west Bennett Street, near Kansas Expressway.

The shots rang out just before 1:30 a.m. Sunday, right about the time the club was closing for the night.

Officers say a fight inside spilled into the parking lot, where gunfire erupted. Bullets hit about a half dozen cars and the building. One of the windows was boarded up Sunday.

Lt. Curt Ringgold with the Springfield Police Department said when officers got to the club, several people were running away. Police say they don't have any suspects yet.

"We're still in the preliminary investigation of that, getting names, getting several witnesses is one thing we did on scene. We identified everybody who was there and if they'd seen or heard anything," Ringgold said.

He said there were about 200 people inside and outside the bar when the shooting happened. No one was hurt and Ringgold said that might be because of the quick action by on-site security.

"Club Rodeo moved everybody inside and pretty much put it on lockdown, which I thought was a very good idea for the safety of all the individuals there," Ringgold said.

He said, if Club Rodeo seems to have more incidents than other bars in town, there might be a reason.

"Probably because they hold more people. If you have a higher population at a location, you have a high chance of an incident happening," Ringgold said.

There are still many questions, and police are looking for answers.

"We don't know if he had the weapon inside or he went outside. We don't know that at this time," Ringgold said. "We could maybe work with Club Rodeo in the future like, maybe preventing an incident from happening inside like has happened throughout the country."

Anyone with information about the fight inside Club Rodeo or the shots fired outside is asked to call the Springfield Police Department.