Why there's a "slight" shortage in real Christmas trees this year

Published: Nov. 8, 2019 at 8:51 PM CST
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You can see a field of pine is right off State Highway OO in Lebanon, Mo.

"It takes about 6-8 years to get a tree from the time you plant it up to selling size," said Jessie Huntley.

Jessie Huntley has been working on Cole's farm since 1986, but took over it less than 10 years ago.

"We have three different types of Christmas trees. We have the Virginia pine, Scotch pine, and White pine," said Huntley.

Because of all the rain this year, the scotch pine got infected by a fungus called the brown spot.

"The needles get the brown spot and then they will fall off this time of the year so they are just a bare stem," said Huntley.

Huntley says the trees will eventually grow back, taking up to two or three years to fill back in. But the loss of these trees could create a slight shortage on his farm.

"We are actually going and picking up another 90 trees at another tree farm to bring in to sell," said Huntley.

Huntley says this shortage could carry over into next year as well. But, Huntley says he doesn't believe this will push people to buy a fake tree over a real one. He says this year will still be profitable for him.

"They want the experience coming out and picking out their own tree that's probably our biggest selling point is them coming out as a family and enjoying themselves and finding their perfect tree," said Huntley.

Cole's Christmas Tree Farm opens on November 23.