Smoke alarm safety

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- Did you know smoke alarms double your chances of surviving a fire?

Springfield Fire Department is doing all they can to urge people to practice safe habits when it comes to their smoke detector.

"Since 2017 on Saturdays we've tried to go out and do smoke alarm canvas and red zones, trying to hit the higher risks areas where we've seen more fire incidents," explained Battalion Chief of Springfield Fire Department, Scott Jones.

On Saturday, Springfield Fire Department crews went out into the local neighborhoods, and put up 86 fire alarms.

"Having a working smoke alarm increases your chance by double of getting out" It helps you get out quicker, that way we get notified quicker so there's less damage before the fire grows," Jones explained.

That's why officials say it's important to have smoke alarms not only in the kitchen but on every floor of your home including the basement, bed rooms and hallways.

"They should be tested weekly, monthly even if you have the older type batteries you need to change those at least once a year. Some of the newer batteries, the lithium-ion batteries last the life of the detector. And the detector should be replaced every ten years."

To test your smoke alarm you just press the the test button right on the front of your detector and when it's time to replace it, follow your manual that comes with your alarm to properly install it.

"We use to advocate, and nationally advocate change your clock change your batteries," said Jones.

However with newer batteries and technology improving, if you change your batteries as directed your detector should be okay.

It's also important to keep in mind that your smoke alarms can expire so it's important that they are changed every 10 years.

If you are in need of one, the Fire Department offers free smoke alarms and batteries to anyone in need.