Someone draws swastika on lost dog's head in Crane

Published: Apr. 25, 2018 at 3:56 PM CDT
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A dog is back home after someone drew a swastika on its head when it wandered away from home in Crane.

Sadie is a friendly and playful pup. Her personality is nothing like the mark of meanness now scribbled on her head in what appears to be permanent marker.

"It's really upsetting. It's very mean and it's a very derogatory sign and symbol and, I just, it just kind of shocks me that somebody around here would do that," Sadie's owner Tracey Howard said.

It was a shock, too, for Sami Gilbert who found Sadie along the side of the road. She picked her up to make sure she got home safely.

"Heartbreaking, honestly, that someone would go to those lengths just to paint that on a dog," Gilbert said.

Gilbert posted a photo of Sadie on Facebook and she was, soon, taken home. Still, some locals are wondering why someone would tattoo a symbol of racism and hate on her head.

"It's just the idea that who would do that in this town? Who would pick up a dog and draw that for it to run around Crane for everyone to see it? It's just sad, really," Gilbert said.

​Sadie's owners, Howard and her family, now have to figure out how to erase the offensive mark and get Sadie back to looking as lovable as she really is.

"I'm just hoping to get it off before something happens to her," Howard said.