Sorting through the protein bar options at the store

SPRINGFIELD, Mo On this Fit Life, we're in the protein bar aisle in Price Cutter. David Poland with X-Fit is there with KY3's Paul Adler to sort through all the choices.

Here's what David wrote:

The first bar discussed, One Bar, comes in a variety of flavors. All flavors have about 200 calories, 20 carbs and 20 grams of protein. Many sports enthusiasts like the One Bars because all the protein comes from one protein source, whey protein isolate, a good source of protein.

Another good protein bar is Quest, with ingredients similar to the One Bar. Quest Bars also have about 200 calories, 20 carbs and 20 grams of protein. Their protein comes from whey and milk protein isolates. They have no added sugar and are gluten and soy free.

Gatorade Bars are more of meal replacement or fuel bar. They have 350 calories and over 40 carbs per bar. The protein source in Gatorade Bars comes from whey concentrate and soy, which is not as pure of a source of protein as the two previous bars.

The last bar discussed is called RX Bar. These bars have all natural ingredients, and all ingredients are listed on the wrapper. This bar is more of a food bar and contain no artificial ingredients or sweeteners.

Protein bars should not be used as a food or meal replacement. The best way to use protein bars to your fitness advantage is to eat one between meals as a snack replacement. The protein from the bars will act as a bridge between meals, and helps you not to overeat at your next meal.