Ozarks' Congressman Jason Smith says he will donate shutdown paychecks to charity

Published: Jan. 20, 2018 at 9:50 AM CST
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Southern Missouri Congressman Jason Smith has a message for you and those in Congress.

Congressman Smith, who represents Missouri in District 8, decided to donate his paycheck to charity during the government shutdown. Congress voted late Friday night to close the government. In a late-night vote, Senate Democrats joined to block a bill that would have kept the government running for another four weeks. A flurry of last-minute negotiations failed to beat the deadline.

"If the government is shut down, your elected represenative should not be taking a paycheck," said Congressman Smith on YouTube early Saturday morning. "Whenever are men and women in uniform are having their paychecks delayed and when people are processing Social Security benefits and those are delayed and agencies are closed, your elected member of Congress should not be getting a pay check."

The shutdown is only the fourth government closure in a quarter-century. It will only partially curb government operations. Uniformed service members, health inspectors, and law enforcement officers are set to work without pay.

Watch the Congressman's full message below: