Southwest Missouri Congressman Billy Long talks farming in visit to Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Southwest Missouri Congressman Billy Long visited farmers in the Springfield area Friday.

The Republican visited farms in Rogersville and just outside Springfield. Democrat House agriculture committee chairman Collin Peterson joined Rep. Long.

“For this year’s agriculture tour I was honored to be joined by the House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson (D-MN),” said Rep. Long. “I have always strived to work across the aisle to get things done for my constituents, and having Chairman Peterson here highlights how issues facing our farmers and ranchers are nonpartisan. I had the privilege of introducing him to some of the best ranchers and farmers in the state and showing him how hard these men and women work to put food on the table in southwest Missouri and all across the country. Many of the ranchers on our tour were not aware of a Grassland Reserve Program that benefits them that was in the last farm bill until Chairman Peterson explained it to them. Our annual agriculture tour is one of my favorite events each year and I look forward to taking what I have learned today back to Washington.”

“This tour has been a great opportunity to see the range of crops, products and personalities that make Missouri agriculture productive and unique. It has been good to sit down with farmers to get their takes on the challenges they face and how we can help from a legislative standpoint. Missouri farmers have a strong advocate in Congressman Long, and I appreciate his friendship and input,” said Chairman Peterson.

Both spoke to farmers about trade tariffs and tax reform. They also discussed the importance of young farmers. Rep. Long said he also sees a trend in the Ozarks of more young people are returning from college to run family farms.