Allergies are in the air, experts say this year is one of the worst

Published: Apr. 11, 2017 at 5:20 PM CDT
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Spring has sprung and so have the allergies. Experts say this year is one of the worst, partly because of the warm winter.

Topping the pollen count in Springfield is tree allergies, mainly Oak, Mulberry, and Ash.

Allergists say as the spring goes on, more trees will bloom, also producing high counts of pollen. Then, May and June will bring out the allergies with fescue grass.

Many allergy sufferers expect the itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing every spring but they say this year, they're dealing with a lot more than usual.

"The pollen is really severe. I have to take two different allergy medicines just to keep it under control. [My daughter is] on three," Christopher Ray said.

Allergist Dr. Le, with CoxHealth, says the longer growing season is partly to blame. The Ozarks has had a lot of warm weather, meaning more pollen.

"If the growing season is longer then we get more concentrations of pollen, the trees like to be outside as much as we do and so when it gets nice, the pollen starts coming out too," Dr. Le said.

Dr. Le says there are many helpful over-the-counter medicines.

She also suggests keeping your home windows closed and washing off right when you come inside, to try to keep the pollen outside.