Springfield-Branson National Airport addresses growing pains after biggest year ever

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- In 2018, the Springfield Branson National Airport welcomed its 1 millionth passenger for that year. So how did they do in 2019?

Source: MGN

More people than ever walked flew from the airport, 1,187,068 to exact, which is 10% more than 2018. The airport says they have seen an increase in the number of flights out of the airport by 36% since 2011.

Since 2011, they’ve also added non-stop flights to Charlotte, Destin/Walton Beach, and Houston. It’s something airport director Brian Weller says is thanks to our local economy.

The airport has experienced growing pains including concerns about parking from customers. It’s something they are addressing head-on.

In the next couple of weeks, a new parking lot full of 750 parking spots will open up behind the original lot. When it’s all done this lot will have covered walkways and a charging station for electric vehicles.

To keep up with the airport growth, the airport also had to expand its restaurant, adding more charging stations for computers and phones, and they’ve expanded their rental car parking lot.