Chiropractic care for infants & Children; Why some parents swear by it

Published: Nov. 20, 2017 at 5:38 PM CST
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4-year old Jaylee Peterson loves getting a chiropractic adjustment from her dad, Chiropractor Dr. James Peterson.

Her first adjustment was when she was just seven hours old.

"It's so safe and so gentle and kids love it," said Dr. Peterson.

Peterson Springfield business, "Thrive Family Chiropractic" specializes in helping infants and children.

"The ultimate goal is to help kids thrive. So many kids are sick today and we want to help their nervous system be self maintaining and self healing," Peterson said.

Peterson says adjustments can help kids with a number of issues including colic, latching issues bed wetting, autism, and even allergies and congestion.

Brittlee Flynn started coming in herself while she was pregnant to deal with illness and now her whole family comes in regularly.

"They don't get sick as much. My daughter used to have a lot of ear infections," Flynn said.

While Peterson says there are a lot of misconceptions with what he does he does get a lot of moms who want to try this first before giving children medicine.

"I've adjusted babies while they are sleeping, that's how gentle it is...It absolutely works. We have kids that are off medication or we get moms that went down the medication path but want to seek a drug free option," Peterson said.