Springfield City Council selects CPA to fill vacant seat

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Springfield's City Council selected a CPA to fill a vacated seat.

The council voted Andrew Lear into the vacant General C Council seat, replacing Kristi Fulnecky who resigned after moving to Nixa. Lear is a former partner at BKD Accounting in Springfield, and a 1975 Glendale High School graduate.

Lear, was among seven finalist who were selected to come before the Mayor of Springfield and the eight City Council members for an interview.

The interview started with candidates giving a short introduction followed by two questions. The questions were focusing on topics like transportation, infrastructure, low wages and workforce training.

“For me being a business person, i look at it a little bit like a job interview and so I look at their history and service and what they've done before," said City Council member Richard Ollis. "Kind of their goals and do they align with the priorities that we have as a council? And then lastly, I think all the candidates did. Do they connect with the rest of council?”

Lear wrote that his short term goal is establishing appropriate rapport, trust and accountability both internally and externally. To better help realize the community's potential.

Lear will be sworn in at the next council meeting and will serve until April 2, 2019.