Springfield City Council to discuss medical marijuana zoning fees

Published: May. 17, 2019 at 8:19 PM CDT
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With medical marijuana legalized, the city of Springfield is working to figure out the details.

Monday night the council will look at a few different ordinances connected to the topic. One of which, the cost for a zoning certificate for medical marijuana facilities.

"We know that we are going to get a high volume (of applications) ... once we have something approved by the city council," Daniel Neal, Senior Planner with the city of Springfield, said.

Neal says the typical cost for a regular zoning certificate is $44. If approved, a medical marijuana zoning certificate will be $108.

"We have to make sure it meets local requirements for

," Neal said. "We're going to send a staff member that would go out to these sites. Then if we have to, also measuring, physically measuring those to make sure they are in compliance with our local laws. It will be more work."

To give some perspective, a liquor license in the city can range anywhere from $52.50 to $750.

Neal says they are working on an interactive map to show companies where they can and cannot locate. The map will be released once the ordinances are approved.

"They could potentially approve it Monday night," Neal said. "Then by Tuesday, we could be coming out with these verification forms."

Josh Lloyd, a resident, believes medical marijuana could be helpful. He says he has known some to use it.

"Marijuana is not a drug, it is not bad," Lloyd said.


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