Springfield Public Schools launch virtual kindergarten screenings

SPRINGFIELD, Mo- Screenings for kindergarten started this week virtually. Springfield Public Schools will still get introductory information about its newest students while social distancing.

In the past, screeners used an instrument called the dial-- this measured motor skills, concept understanding, language, then self-help and social development.

They did this through a variety of short tests and a meeting with the parents.

Now parents will fill out something called an Ages and Stages Questionnaire, where they answer questions about their own child.

The incoming student also does a virtual test. “We can do some performance stuff you know like the screener might hold something up and say hey can you point to this concept or point to this number or point to this letter,” said the director of early childhood for Parents as Teachers Missy Riley.

SPS does say if that for any reason a kindergartner needs to do this in person they will work with the family to arrange that.

All incoming kindergartners have to have a screening and if they don’t over the summer, they will do it on the first day of school. Get signed up by calling the Early Childhood Education office at 523-1333.