Springfield School District buys Midtown property to house recommended $20 million new Boyd School campus

Published: Mar. 8, 2019 at 3:37 PM CST
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The Springfield School District announced on Friday, it purchased new property in Midtown to accommodate a new elementary school if Proposition S passes in the April 2 election.

"The school district being able to come through and secure enough property to relocate to be able to announce that prior to going to the ballot, we were very pleased with that," said David Hall, Co-Chair of Community Taskforce on Facilities, for Springfield Public Schools.

Springfield Public Schools says, for Boyd Elementary, it's time for an upgrade. That's because, they say the current building conditions are becoming a distraction.

"The ceilings low, the dimensions are small and every now and then it floods. there are restrooms in the school but they're down in the basement," said Tim Rosenbury, Vice President of Springfield's Board of Education. "So, you have 2nd graders who when they have to use the restroom, they have to come all the way down. so that just creates chaos."

Whether the district can build a new Boyd Elementary School like administrators want will depend on whether voters agree to raise their property taxes by $35 per every $100,000 in valuation.

But even before the vote in April, the district today used $430,000 in surplus funds to buy more than an acre and a half of land on Division, west of Sherman.

That's where the new Boyd Elementary would go, if voters say yes to Proposition S.

"I take a look at what the the school offered up to the voters the last time. And i look at what is being recommended now," said Hill. "There's really no comparison between the two and how much better this is. I think it truly does meet the needs of our local neighborhoods and our schools and i think when voters look at that that they're going to be very pleased that the differences that were made and the responsiveness the school district had."

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