Springfield Trump protests remain peaceful

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Hundreds of people demonstrating against the President took to the streets in Springfield today, but they took steps to make sure it was done peacefully.

“What do we want? Impeachment! When do we want it? Now!” they chanted.

"We knew since Charlottesville there was a lot of potential for disruption,” Erin Kappeler, on organizer with the People’s Protest said. “We just wanted to make sure our community was safe and exercising their first amendment rights all together."

The only sounds today were the typical chants of protestors speaking their minds. There was none of the violence that has plagued political rallies this summer.

Anti-Trump protesters were along Glenstone Ave from Division St all the way north to Commercial St, but that's as far north as they were zoned for. That’s about a mile and a half away from where President Trump was speaking, and a pro-Trump rally was closer to the President, but organizers were okay with this set-up.

"We've actually had a great working relationship with the organizers of the Pro 45 rally that's happening,” Kappeler said. “We met with them last night, and we're both committed to de-escalation and to making sure that everyone is safe"

Some came prepared for the worst, "I'm a nurse, so I wanted to be here in case anybody gets hurt because we need people who can help," Maggi Billingsley says.

“This is the people's protest,” Kappeler said. “We want Missouri, Springfield, the nation to see that even here, where Trump is coming to campaign to his base, that we are resisting.”

Some came from other towns to speak their mind, "I think it is way, way out of line the hateful stuff he said all through his campaign, but it's just gotten worse," one Joplin resident said.

At the end of the day there were no sounds of discord, just democracy.