Springfield accountant who admitted to embezzlement dies of apparent suicide

Published: Nov. 21, 2017 at 5:36 PM CST
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Five months after pleading guilty to a $3 million fraud scheme, a Springfield accountant has died of an apparent suicide.

David Carl Hayes was a well-known and well-connected CPA who worked as an accountant for a number of area businesses.

The married father of four had multiple houses, cars, and a wealthy lifestyle that all came crashing down when the FBI, IRS, and FDIC investigated how he made his money over the past six years.

This past June at the age of 59, Hayes pleaded guilty in federal court to $3 million in fraud schemes and owing $2 million in federal taxes.

Facing up to 33 years in federal prison and with the investigation ongoing, Hayes committed apparent suicide Monday night at the family farm east of Springfield on Division Street.

There were two major fraud cases..

Hayes pleaded guilty to taking almost $2 million from Alternative Opportunities, who has since merged with Preferred Family Healthcare, the non-profit provides mental and behavioral health treatment.

Before the merger, Hayes was on Alternative's board of directors and from 2011 to 2014 he wrote checks to himself from dozens of clinics in Arkansas that the company operated.

From 2014 to 16, Hayes admitted taking over a million dollars from Carnahan-White fencing after the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma became majority owners. Hayes was a consultant, analyst, and chief financial oficer with Miami National Enterprises and would obtain Carnahan-White business checks and alter financial records to cover up his embezzlement.

None of the companies or businesses involved with Hayes' guilty pleas had knowledge of his illegal activities.