Springfield business leaders say December was huge, leading to sales tax surplus

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Springfield took in an extra 19 percent in sales tax revenue in December, leading to an overall surplus of one percent from December 2016-December 2017.

"Year-to-date we're about $1.2 million ahead of where we were last year," Springfield director of finance David Holtmann said. "That's a wonderful thing. The sales at home are going to help out at all the services here in the city."

Local business leaders aren't surprised.

"December is definitely our busiest month,” Five Pound Apparel co-owner Brina Thomas said. “We usually have to double or triple our staff."

"December was probably, since I've been here for 3.5 years, probably our best month to date,” Stick it in Your Ear manager Erik Milan said. “2017 was our best year since we opened in 1993."

Springfield projected $3.1 million in revenue in December, but wound up with $3.7 million. Thanks in no small part to people opening their wallets in brick and mortar Springfield stores.

"We were absolutely blown away by all the shoppers out," Thomas said of her store’s December crowds.

"It allows us to continue, and hopefully keep going for another 25 years,” Milan said. “We don't want to go anywhere, and I know a lot of people don't want us to go anywhere."

"We're definitely still growing,” Thomas said. “Our sales are still increasing, and we're so lucky to have the Springfield community that supports us so much."