Springfield couple wins Super Bowl LIV tickets

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A Springfield couple will leave for Miami at the crack of dawn Friday after winning tickets to Super Bowl LIV.

Scott and Michelle Gipson have been Chiefs season ticket holders for 25 years.

Michelle entered contest through Fanthropic.com and the American Cancer Society, winning a trip package for the two of them worth about $30,000.

"They tried to call me and I missed the call, and then they emailed me, and I just jokingly said "Hey, did I win Super Bowl tickets?' He was like, well I'll call you later and it actually took him much longer to call me back than he said."

"I had been pretty amped up about did I win tickets, did I not win tickets. When he told me, I literally ran all around this office screaming at the top of my lungs and made all my coworkers think I'm crazy. Then I got to call him, which was probably my favorite part."

Before the trip, Michelle and Scott went out Thursday to purchase new Chiefs gear.

Michelle is a realtor at At Home Realtors, while Scott is a former Springfield Police Department corporal.