Springfield cyclist hits the streets to make 'Every Cyclist Safer'

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Springfield, Mo.-- One Springfield cyclist is taking matters into his own hands and is pushing all cyclists to carry safety lights on their bikes.

He doesn't want a repeat of last week when a cyclist was hit and killed.

It was a tragic loss for the cycling community when an SUV hit and killed a fellow cyclist commuting along highway 160 earlier this month.

"It's always upsetting when we find out a cyclist has been hit, killed, or injured," Keith Donaldson, with Every Cyclist Safer, said.

State Troopers reported that the bike didn't have any visible safety gear when the person was riding a little after 9 at night.

"They cyclists getting hit injured, killed are the less fortunate cyclists the ones that don't have the means to either get a car can't drive a car for many different reasons," Donaldson said.

Keith Donaldson is handing out rechargeable lights and pamphlets everywhere he rides.

"I decided to do something about it," he said.

He wants to get cyclists to carry safety lights on their bikes.

"Commuting to and from work I see a lot of cyclists that are riding unsafely, they don't have lights on they don't have any good safety gear or helmets," Donaldson said. "I felt bad for them."

He hopes becoming more visible to drivers will prevent another tragic loss.

"I'm on the road and every time I'm out I carry a light and a cycling safety pamphlet for the purpose of if I have that encounter with someone I see that I can help I can hand it out and I stop and I do it," Donaldson said.

Bicycle Outlet and Cannondale have donated 50 light sets to the cause.

Donaldson hopes his initiative will spread to other cyclists to want to help him and he hopes to someday start a non-profit to inspire others to do the same in their cities.

To follow his initiative he has an Instagram called #everycyclistsafer

if you want to get involved he also has a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/everycyclistsafer/