Springfield expert weighs in on safety after Thousand Oaks shooting

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Terror erupting inside the Southern California night club, as witnesses say smoke bombs and gunshots caused chaos. Many who escaped said they did so because they knew exactly what to do.

And, a local expert says it's exactly what you should do.

"Its run, hide fight. In that order," said Personal Defense Expert Matthew Canovi. "It's run or hide or fight. If you can run and get out, not only are you now safe, but you can actually contact law enforcement and help the people that were left inside."

Canovi says there's a reason why running is best way to protect yourself.

"Well if you're in plain view, you're a target already," he said. "And, if you are running its very difficult to hit a moving target, so even if you do draw attention to yourself, it's going to be really hard to get hit. Plus, what other choice do you got."

In downtown Springfield, people say recent mass shootings like the one in Thousand Oaks have made an impact.

Nan Todd who was out enjoying her evening in downtown Springfield Wednesday night said, "a lot of the times it's passing, but you think, where would I go? what would I do? But yea, that's a thought I wouldn't have had even two, three years ago."

But she says she still feels safer here in Springfield.

"Not me personally, not in this area, maybe if I was in a larger city like New York, but not here in the Ozarks."