Brief delays for Springfield flights during Vice President Mike Pence visit

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3//KSPR) - White House visits are becoming routine in the Queen City. Vice President Mike Pence is expected to stop in Springfield Monday on behalf of U.S. Senate candidate Josh Hawley. Experts at the Springfield-Branson National Airport said these visits can bring a slight delay for other travelers.

Photo: U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv MGN

Dave Schaumburg, the Assistant Director of Aviation for the Springfield-Branson National Airport, said protocol for both the President of the United States and the Vice President are very similar. "When you have the head political leader for the country come in, or the number two, it's all hands on deck," said Schaumburg. He said the airport calls in all police officers on their staff to serve as a support role to the White House and Secret Service.

"They're very respectful when they come in," said Schaumburg of what it's like working with the Secret Service. "They know that we know this area better and they're just coming and asking us questions."

The President of the United States flies on Air Force One which is a 747, a much larger airplane than the Springfield-Branson airport staff is used to seeing. However, the Vice President flies on a 757, a smaller aircraft the airport staff is more used to seeing on a daily basis.

Airport staff, along with agencies across Springfield and Greene County, will work together to make sure things go smoothly during Vice President Pence's visit Monday. Something that might now be so smooth, is other travelers plans."Truth is, there's going to see a slight impact," said Schaumburg. He assured everyone with flights scheduled Monday, any delays will be minimal. "We will have a temporary flight restriction during the visit, which we will have to cease operations," he said. "It's usually for 20-30 minutes, the airlines know that in advance."

The best way travelers can stay up to date on delays is to sign up for text notifications with their airline. Schaumburg also asked people not to gather at the airport.

Details and a timeline for the arrival of Vice President Mike Pence, in addition to details about the Josh Hawley event he is supposed to be attending, have not yet been released.