Springfield group launches first delivery day, building beds for kids in need

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A new Springfield organization is dedicated to helping kids and their families.

Trinity, 9 and Isabella, 8, aren't going to have to sleep in the same bed anymore.

"They'd been sharing a twin size bed because that's what we had a grandmas house that she let us borrow," said their mother Staci Tate.

Tate knew her daughters needed more space, and that she needed some help.

"We're not ones who ask for handouts when it came to the kids bedding, that's when I started to get worried, as we had the getting the house furnished, their bedrooms were empty," said Tate.

That's when she found a newly formed Springfield organization that changed everything. The group with the motto "no kid sleeps on the floor in our town" is a chapter of the national organization Sleep in Heavenly Peace, which builds brand new beds for kids in need.

For Mark and Randy, they had found a way they could make a difference. And on Saturday, it all came together, as Springfield's Sleep in Heavenly Peace volunteers arrived on their first delivery day at the Tates' house and got right to work. The girls weren't at home, but Tate says when she saw the donation of sheets, quilts and pillows from her church, she couldn't wait for her step-daughters to see their new beds.