Springfield homeless community seeks heat relief

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Some of Springfield's homeless community met outside the Connecting Grounds Church off of Commercial Street, hoping to cool off after suffering in the sudden heatwave.

"I walked 6 or 8 miles in this heat," said John Musso

The COVID-19 pandemic is making matters worse, making it more difficult to access water.

"Because you can't go into a bathroom and drink out of the bathroom sink. No one wants people around, homeless or not, they don't want you around because they just don't know," said Donald Curtis.

The lack of water to drink has led some of them to feel faint and dizzy.

"That's why I walk with a cane most of the time when it's hot out," said JR Harris.

So they follow the shade all day to rest.

"This is a dangerous season for our friends in a lot of ways," said Christie Love.

The Connecting Grounds Church, gave out popsicles, cold water, sunscreen, and many other things today to help the homeless find some relief.

"This is the first big heatwave and we are already seeing some individuals that are showing signs of heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and really bad sunburns," said Christie Love.

Pastor Christie Love wants you to know there are ways you can help too.

"Things like going out and buying baby wipes and putting them in Ziploc bags. Put them in the refrigerator first so that they are cool, so they can clean off a little bit," said Love.

"You can also take water bottles and put them in the freezer, keep them in your car with you when you see people out, whether they are walking or you seem them out at the park, offer them something to drink," said Love.