Springfield leaders approve measure allowing more agencies to care for pit bull dogs

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Springfield, MO The City Council approved a measure allowing more pet adoption agencies to care for unwanted pit bull dogs.

Last year, as part of breed-specific legislation in the City of Springfield, CARE (Castaway Animal Rescue Effort) was chosen as one of two local agencies to care for pit bulls coming in to Animal Control. However, CARE was the only one able to come up with the required $1-million liability insurance policy to take care of the dogs. Since then, the numbers of pit bulls coming in has been increasing. CARE has been working hard to care for the dogs.

On Monday night, the Springfield City Council approved changes making it easier for other agencies to adopt and place these dogs. Just like CARE, they will still need to come up with the one- million dollar insurance policy.

Supporter of pit bulls say the changes are a step in the right direction. But,, they say, they may never been completely happy until the city repeals any and all ordinances focused on one particular breed of dogs- such as the pit bull laws.