Springfield mom, school district worried for students' safety as parents drop kids off in street

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (Ky3) - A Springfield mom is voicing concerns about how other parents are dropping off their kids for school.

Katherine Crossman said she sees parents dropping off their kids in the street at Weaver Elementary every morning, instead of following the school's policy.

Parents are supposed to pull into the school's parking lot, which has two drop-off lanes. Instead, Crossman said, parents are stopping in the street to avoid the line.

In a video Crossman took of the school zone Tuesday morning, two vehicles stop before getting to the drop-off line while elementary-age children get out and cross the street to get to school.

Crossman said this is dangerous and "absolutely ridiculous."

Stephen Hall, with Springfield Public Schools said the district only controls school property, and since the street belongs to the city, there's only so much the school can do.

"If parents shortcut pickup and drop-off procedures, it can be very difficult to monitor," Hall said.

Hall said the district's policies are in place for a reason.

"They're very well thought out, they are designed to keep students safe. So, while deviating from that could possibly save a few minutes, it's never worth it to jeopardize safety," Hall said.

Hall said the school district notified parents of the policies in a newsletter and at Meet the Teacher Night before the school year started. If a parent is seen breaking the policy, Hall said, the school sets up a one-on-one meeting with them.

Crossman said she's never been late to work or an appointment just because she stayed in line.

"It goes through smoothly, they get the kids in and out and you're gone," she said.

Crossman said, as a child, she saw her cousin get hit by a car on their way to school. Now, she's speaking out about the parents of Weaver, to remind them to be careful.

"I can just see a bad accident happening, a terrible tragedy or maiming a child because these parents are in a hurry to get to work on time or just to get out of there," Crossman said.

Hall said one of the district's main goals is safety, and it can only be achieved if the district, drivers and parents work together and follow set policies.